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After an adventurous summer The Gunnery’s Smart & Casual is back with  even more diverse selection of pictures! With plenty of new faces within The Gunnery’s community, there are many new styles that we are eager to explore, and share with you guys! We look forward to sharing our experience at The Gunnery with you, and making you feel like a true Gunnery Highlander.

Smart & Casual

Anonymous asked:

Your dress code is not strict at all if you guys are allowed to wear brand names and stuff. At my boarding school the girls have to wear the uniform plaid skirt and a school polo or oxford and the boys have to wear khakis and a school polo. Consider yourself lucky for the lack of dress code!

Yeah, we are very lucky! There is a lot of different things we can wear and a lot of of our teachers are very lenient with dresscode. 

Anonymous asked:

Hey! So I'm thinking about attending the Gunnery in the fall. Although, I am worried about leaving my friends and but I don't really like my overall school now. Would you say the Gunnery is a really great experience?

I have really enjoyed my experience here.  I have gotten a lot out of my experience.  You learn a lot of things you would never learn at a normal day school.  You learn a lot about people and their culture.  You should totally look into boarding school!

Anonymous asked:

What kinda of universities do your graduates generally attend? Ivy leagues, etc?

A lot of NESCAC, we have some ivys, UPenn, Princeton, Stanford, Clemson, Conn College, Alabama, Skidmore, Union, Farifield, and a lot of others. 

Anonymous asked:

Happy birthday hot jake!!!! Jake '14. 6/1/14 the big 1 8

YAY JAKE!!!!! 

Anonymous asked:

Hi, do you have any suggestions for preppy backpacks/totes? xx

We all use patagonia or north face backpacks. Also people get bags from Madewell, J. Crew, Vineyard Vines, or Vera Bradley. 

preppywhileboarding asked:

Praise jesus for your blog, i'm going start something similar when I get back to mass!


Anonymous asked:

where did lindsey '14 get her shoes from?

She got them from J. Crew or Clarks.

Anonymous asked:

I wanna see more of Gabby '15... she seems so hip and #bohemian where does she buy these clothes?

She’s super cool. I’m honestly obssed with her. She shops at American Apperal, and only American Apperal. #SoBohemian+trendy oh, and she shops at Chicos. 

Ms. Nongera ‘Mandarin Teacher
Anonymous asked:

where did rose '15 get her boots from?

Sperry Top-Sider

Anonymous asked:

Do you know where I could buy those American Flag shorts? (The guy ones)


Lindsey ‘14
Lindsey ‘14
Lindsey ‘14