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Jack ‘16 and Hiller ‘15
Jake ‘15, Harrison ‘15, Claudia ‘15, Laura ‘15, Julia (editor) ‘15
Alex ‘15
It’s represent your country day! Virginia and I repping the good old USA!
Freddy ‘16, Charlie ‘17, Cam ‘17, Arden ‘17 Matias ‘17
Luke ‘16, Thomas ‘16 and Hiller ‘15
Caroline ‘15 and Laura ‘15
It’s spirit week here at Gunnery! Through out this week the blog will have less great dress code outfit and more of each days theme outfits. We started off the week with twin day. Logan ‘15 and Alex ‘15 are both twinning in their very preppy ways. 
Anonymous asked:

im going for a presentation on the 7th of november, so can u please help me choose the outfit for the presentation

Sure, what type of outfit are you looking for?  You can never go wrong with a simple skirt with an oxford/button down/blouse with a fun pattern.  Maybe some statement jewelry? simple flats. Or if you are a guy… then wear a button down and khaki pants. MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING A BELT. belts are so important. 

Caitie ‘15
Caroline ‘15
Emma ‘15
marylandprepgod asked:

Please tell me about gunnery ! Im interested in going!

We are a realtively small   9-12 boarding/day school located in Washington Depot, Connecticut. If you are really considering it i would definitely come for a tour so you can check it out for yourself!

Jack ‘17 
Did you miss GSC?

After an adventurous summer The Gunnery’s Smart & Casual is back with  even more diverse selection of pictures! With plenty of new faces within The Gunnery’s community, there are many new styles that we are eager to explore, and share with you guys! We look forward to sharing our experience at The Gunnery with you, and making you feel like a true Gunnery Highlander.

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